We help startups at every stage of their business growth – from START, SCALE to SOAR, as well as helping corporate to SCOUT.
At different stages, our programmes are designed to help them maximise their potential so they can succeed.

For programmes under SOAR, it is designed for mature startups ready to expand into overseas market.

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ACE International Centre

The ACE International Centre (ACEIC) is the dedicated one stop centre for local and international startups looking to scale up and internationalise their business. In partnership with government agencies Enterprise Singapore and JTC, ACEIC aims to strengthen startups’ competitiveness, grow global champions and create opportunities for startups globally.

Singapore, Your LaunchPad to the Region


Singapore has a favourable environment for startups to grow and flourish. For startups looking to venture into the regional market with Singapore as the LaunchPad, there are many reasons to convince you to why you should set up your base in Singapore.


Vibrant & Connected Startup Ecosystem
Developed startup support infrastructure, efficient access to a network of investors, incubators/accelerators, and ecosystem players
Ready Access to Talent
Singapore is #1 in the world for startup talent
Regional Co-Innovation Hub
Strong Co-Innovation Programmes between corporates and startups
Favourable Tax Regimes and supportive Government Initiatives
Tax exemption schemes for startups and pro-business policies and startup funding support (e.g. EntrePass)


Go global with ACEIC


Gain market access to the regional market
The ACE Market Access programme curated by ACEIC consists of coaching by domain experts to drive the growth of startup’s access in the regional markets
Gain opportunities for business and funding
ACEIC connects startups with relevant business partners and investors to facilitate their growth in Singapore and regional markets.
Gain access to networks and a global startup community
ACEIC is located at JTC LaunchPad@one-north, dubbed as the ‘tightest startup ecosystem in the world’ with more than 800 companies, and has an outreach to more than 10,000 startups in Singapore and the region.


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