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ACE is The National Voice for Singapore Startup Ecosystem. ACE focuses on five pillars that are crucial for any ecosystem: Startups, Corporations, Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), Risk Capital, and Public Sector.

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ACE is the driving force behind Singapore’s vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship scene.
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BACECAMP does a wonderful job of preparing start-ups in critical fields (e.g. valuation, sales, legal, IP, etc.) during their infancy stage to set them on the right track. Incredibly comprehensive and the best basecamp I've attended so far!

Surendra Shenoy
CEO & Co-founder / Nile

Well-rounded introduction to the myriad of topics a founder needs to know when starting a business. Unfortunately this season can't be conducted in-person, if not I believe there could be more learnings between the participants.

Choo Wee Chyn
Co-founder / Attribuild

BACECAMP was a comprehensive crash-course of what to expect when starting up. I recommend all aspiring entrepreneurs, young or old, to attend the programme.


As an early stage start up, BACECAMP help me to understand the key subjects that would really be useful in future.

Co-founder / Hale Smoothies

Equipping and enabling new startups with invaluable skills

Paul Phang
Managing Director / Excabaa Pte Ltd

It is an amazing program which gives insight into various facets when starting a business which are essential for the launch, build and growth stage of a company. The support ecosystem is amazing.

Pushkar N Pradhan

BACECAMP has provided me a fresh lens of how to run my startup, alongside a supportive community. Would recommend to any early-stage founders!

Alexandra Zhang
Co-founder / Factorem

I met great mentors such as Jeffrey Nah and Eric Tan through the BACECamp. They taught me the importance of understanding the market and how to position my company with great clarity.

Co-founder / Wraek

BACECAMP had been a fruitful and enjoyable learning journey. Highly recommended for all budding entrepreneurs who are keen on improving your business.

CEO & Co-founder / Tectech

BACECAMP has been very beneficial to OTECH as it has sharpened my take on the business and the narrative. The many speakers sharing their invaluable experience made me keenly aware of the gaps in my company. It has also provided me with many different options to resolve them.

Lionel Otsuka
Founder / OTECH

BACECamp was fun and engaging all throughout, and the best place to network with like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you are.

Ryan Chin
Co-founder / Alpha Electrics

This program far exceeds my expectation. Despite the challenge of having this BACECAMP in virtual/remote setting, it has been a very, very positive experience.

Foo Tuan Tong

Let this BACECAMP be the start of your entrepreneurial climb towards success.

Kok Ting Han, Daniel
Co-founder / InMyOpinion

Great to see concrete no nonsense support for entrepreneurs!

Jeffery Goh

As the national voice of the startup ecosystem, supported by ESG and MTI, ACE is the organization to go to if you are a tech start-up, corporate, public sector agency, venture capitalist, or IHL looking to be part of Singapore's tech startup ecosystem!

Brian Tan

ACE team is very knowledgeable in anything startup or entrepreneurship related. Thumbs up!

Clara Low

Well done to the speaker, Jeremy!

Participant at NTUC x ACE Key Lessons to Build a Successful Tech Startup

The session was informative. Relevant information sharing for new startups!

Fluo Ang

Thank you for the webinar, it was a useful event!

Chin Kok Leong

Being able to hear life experience from people with great knowledge and hearing them share inspirational and wise words to youths like us.

Participant at ACE's Entrepreneurship to Cultivate Community Resilience

"Engaging. Inspirational. Insightful."

Jonathan Lee
Principal & CIO, SSG Public ATO Pgm Partner, Master Skills & Workforce Developer (Industry Transformation Maps)

"An informative session indeed."

Adrian Cheok
Founder / iMovietoy

"ACE facilitated the whole session to be fruitful."

Terence Ng
Director & Founder / Advoco Pte Ltd

"The engagement session was very well organised. "

Nur Hakeem
Co-founder / ServiceBack

"A good channel to voice concerns and hear concerns from other founders"    

Participant at ACE's Engagement on COVID-19 Measures




Quek Siu Rui​, Founder & CEO, Carousell


Yoshikazu Uehara, Managing Director, Mitsui Chemicals Singapore


Yeo Li Pheow, Principal, Republic Polytechnic
Risk Capital

Risk Capital

Edward Tay, Chief Executive Officer, Sistema Asia Capital

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As a trade association, ACE serves as the eyes, ears and mouth of our members. We advocate startups’ interests and…

24 February 2023

[Feb 2023] Roundtable Discussions with Startups

24 February 2023

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As a trade association, ACE serves as the eyes, ears and mouth of our members. We advocate startups’ interests and…

14 December 2022

Christmas with ACE

14 December 2022

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13 November - 17 November 2022

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