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SAP Demo Clinic

ACE joins hands with SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software, to help the startup community sharpen their competitive edge in the digital age.

Digitalisation is the new norm in the business world today in order to stay competitive.

By their very nature, startups already have one-third of what Singapore believes to be essential enterprise capabilities for the future: a strong innovation engine.

What’s next is to leverage digital technology and scale up, which makes cloud computing the two-in-one answer.

In a nutshell, cloud computing can be the boost that startups need in four ways and more: 

•    Fast implementation time  
•    Reduced IT efforts because both hardware and software operation and maintenance are the provider’s responsibility
•    Flexibility from subscription rather than licensing contracts and “pay-what-you-use” concepts
•    Scalability to support changing business needs and support growth

Source: To Do it Yourself, Or Not?, SAP Data Centre 

For this reason, ACE is collaborating with SAP to help startups make sense, and make use, of cloud computing. The expert-guided, hands-on session will be held on 27 April 2017 at ACE Ideation Centre. Registration is FREE, so Sign Up Now!


Digital Transformation Exchange (DTE)

In addition, ACE is embarking on a series of Digital Transformation Exchange (DTE) initiatives which will consist of a series of sessions, each carrying a sectorial/thematic focus in areas such as Cyber Security, Data Analytics, and Education Technology.  It is a platform for knowledge-sharing and potential adoption of technology – SMEs and large corporations can learn from startups on how they can leverage on and adopt the latest technologies and tools to stay competitive, while startups can learn from their more experienced counterparts in areas such as managing and growing their business. Reach us for more information!

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