ACE Startup Feature – SilvrBullet

Byebye Cold Calls, Hello Hot Leads

SilvrBullet founder Steven Goh is automating the sales process with artificial intelligence that is smart enough to build and maintain the world’s largest business database and identify, engage and follow-up with potential leads.

How much of your daily work can be automated? If you’re a B2B salesperson, SilvrBullet founder Steven Goh believes that a large chunk of it can be made faster, more efficient and more effective with technology — and he’s proving it with his Software as a Service offering.

SilvrBullet is positioned as the world’s largest business database built with artificial intelligence, and its purpose is to automate the most laborious aspects of the sales process.

“Traditional lead generation typically involves researching the web for potential customers, locating their contact information, cold calling and following up. SilvrBullet can do all of this for you with precision, and at scale,” said Steven, who worked with his team of just two programmers to build and launch the service in January 2017.

SilvrBullet crawls the web to identify, validate and index publicly available data on three levels — businesses, its people and their contact information. All customers have to do is specify their target audience by geography and industry and SilvrBullet automatically creates a lead generation campaign that sees personalised emails sent out to potential customers, complete with follow-up emails until a response is received.

A couple of clicks and SilvrBullet delivers hot leads straight to your inbox? It sounds like magic, but a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes.

“One challenge we faced was getting SilvrBullet to categorise businesses the way people would. Many businesses span several categories and lots of information on the Internet is either incomplete or inaccurate. So we hired a part-timer to teach SilvrBullet. For two weeks, the part-timer manually categorised businesses while SilvrBullet, which has a neural network, learnt. Now, it’s able to infer information with human-level accuracy but at superhuman speed,” explained Steven.

With SilvrBullet handling these monotonous tasks, a salesperson can focus on the part of the process that cannot be automated — human-to-human persuasion. The efficiency and results that SilvrBullet delivers is already being enjoyed by customers worldwide, but Steven and his team are just getting started.

“We’re constantly thinking about the sales process and which parts of it we can automate. SilvrBullet now stops once a response from a potential customer is received. This first response usually involves simple, run-of-the-mill queries, so we’re looking at an AI chatbot to take care of this stage as well. We also have plans to launch a free zero-input CRM tool to complement SilvrBullet. This targets another pain point that B2B salespeople face — time-consuming, manual data entry to transfer lead information into a CRM systems. Separately, we’re considering how we can leverage SilvrBullet’s massive database to benefit consumers. One way would be a free one-stop platform to facilitate product and service searches,” he revealed.

Despite the effort that it will take to develop these services, Steven doesn’t intend to charge for their use, believing that they will serve as natural branding for SilvrBullet.

“When I started SilvrBullet, my goal was to make money by helping others make money. I still stand by that.”

Learn more about SilvrBullet at

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