AI and Robotics Conference

AI and Robotics Conference

The Robot Of The Year (TRotY) is the world’s first international prize that rewards the best innovations in artificial intelligence and robotics with winners benefiting from financing up to €2M. This year the global conference will be hosted in conjunction with the launch of AIBotics – a distinguished regional Conference and Exhibition on using AI and Robotics to augment Human Potential, on 18 Nov 2019.

Join this global conference to gain insights on the latest development in AI And Robotics that will shape the industries for years to come!
1. Gain a deeper understanding of why ethics in AI and robotics are important for you and your company
2. Learn practical solutions beyond theory, so you can help scale your products and companies
3. Experience amazing awe provoking exhibits, be immersed in a world of AI and robotics
4. Gain access to the solutions for ethics in AI and robotics practicing integrity in your teams and companies
5. Learn about the tools and methodologies for implementing ethics in AI and robotics

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18 Nov


8:30am - 5:30pm


Singapore Management University, Administration Building, Mochtar Riady Auditorium 81 Victoria Street, Singapore 188065


APARA, Sphere, The Robot Of The Year

Payment: S$80.00 onwards