ASBF Webinar Series: Opportunities in Southern Africa

ASBF Webinar Series: Opportunities in Southern Africa

Southern Africa is a multi-faceted region characterised by diverse cultures, languages and economies. It comprises 33% of the sub-continent’s population and contributes to 45% of Sub Saharan Africa’s GDP. As compared to the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Africa is also uniquely endowed with natural resources such as extractive minerals, oil and gas and agriculture produce.  

This presents numerous opportunities for Singapore companies to leverage their expertise and capture a slice of the growing market. For example, Angola remains a stronghold in the Southern African region for the oil sector while Mauritius and Botswana see renewed interest in fintech. Zambia is also garnering more interest from international service providers and seeing growth in its logistics and hospitality industries.

Join us at this webinar, organised by Enterprise Singapore, to learn how you can better prepare your market entry strategies to tap the vast potential of the region. 

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2 Mar


4 - 6.15pm




Enterprise Singapore