Current openings: 1

Role: Manager, Member Relations & Centre Management

 Job Description: 

Member Relations

  1. Develop and actively market ACE Membership programme to meet target membership numbers and membership growth. Manage the on-boarding of the members and work closely with stakeholders on the startup sg network engagement.
  2. Drive and develop membership activities to provide value to the members and ensure retention of members. Support the scouting of startups within and outside of membership community. 
  3. Drive the recruitment of partners to provide membership benefits and market the associate membership programme.

Centre Operations

      1. Responsible for the daily operations of ACE Centres (ACE Ideation Centre, ACE International Centre, etc.) which include:

  • Liaising with various stakeholders to ensure smooth operations and availability of facilities, services, equipment, materials, F&B items, and tidiness and cleanliness of the centres
  • Liaising with vendors, facility managements and service providers to enhance the services and facilities, e.g. renovations and maintenance
  • Ensure the proper routing of mails and distribution of information relating to Centre operations
  1. Responsible for the management and updates of the Centre Infowall e.g. Info Screens outside of Ideation Centre.
  2. Responsible for the on-boarding/off-boarding of the Centres tenants such as facilitating the preparation and signing of contract, program access band, assigning locker and setting-up printer access for member.
  3. Responsible for the off-boarding of tenants for all facilities such as collecting access bands, ensuring locker and desk are cleared and removing records of access band, and keeping updated tenant records.
  4. Assist members with booking of facilities.
  5. Develop communications strategies and carry out regular interactions with the tenants to establish good relationships with the tenants.
  6. Conduct business development and marketing of the co-working space and Centre Management Services.
  7. Take part in Centre operation advisory services and training to the overseas centre managers on ACE operation protocols.

Interested applicants please write in to with the subject title ‘Job Application: Manager, Member Relations & Centre Management’ with your resume.