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About Digital Transformation Exchange

The Digital Transformation Exchange initiative is a series of events to help corporates and SMEs understand current digital trends and solutions from startups who are at the forefront of innovation and technology. Through these events, corporates and SMEs will gain access to innovative technologies, learn from startups on how they can leverage latest technologies and tools to stay competitive via the networks from Singapore’s tech startup community. This will help to facilitate knowledge and mutually beneficial exchanges between startups and companies which would allow businesses to continually leverage upcoming trends and technologies to stay competitive.

Each DTE session will have a thematic sectorial focus where startups will share about upcoming trends, opportunities and challenges in their area of expertise. The ACE DTE aims to enhance ACE’s position as the innovation ecosystem leader by creating a platform to allow startups, corporations and SMEs to gain and share knowledge, empowering business to learn from one another, understand the important role of how digitalisation contributes to business growth and to promote an integrated innovation ecosystem. The event typically comprises of a key corporate who will anchor the specific theme, our community of startups, and other corporates and SMEs from the sector to use this platform for businesses seeking digitalisation opportunities.



Success Stories

Closed commercial deals for participating startups
✔ Saleswhale ✔ Zeemart
Partnerships and collaborations forged between participating startups and SMEs, LLEs and MNCs 
Publicity coverage for selected participating startups
✔ Tabsquare ✔ Fastbee



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Past Sessions

Sustainability | 27 August 2021


Smart Cities | 11 June 2021

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