Effective Networking for Professionals

Effective Networking for Professionals

Networking has been called the number one unwritten rule of success in business, and effective networking is a crucial skill required to survive and thrive in the workplace.

With face-to-face meetings making a comeback, knowing how to network well has become even more important. ACE and NTUC U Associate are organising a webinar for business leaders and PMETs to learn more about effective networking.

Hear from our guest speaker Jonathan Ho, founder and CEO of Graphite Academy, on the dos and don’ts when networking and how to establish strong connections and networks. Also, discover how effective networking can help you get ahead in the current economic climate. Jonathan is a seasoned networker with a wealth of experience in pitching, emceeing, and presenting to large groups of people.


6 May 2022


12pm - 1pm




ACE and NTUC U Associate