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Accounting Innovation Challenge 2019 - 04 Oct

Launch of inaugural innovation festival EPIC along with new Innovation Enablers Network - 01 Jan

The Straits Times: Start-ups get a new network to drive innovation and boost ecosystem - 01 Jan

Lian He Zao Bao: ACE新网络 为企业和起步公司搭桥推动创新 - 01 Jan

Digital News Asia: Singapore’s ACE launches innovation festival EPIC, new Innovation Enablers Network - 01 Jan

KrAsia: Singapore as a rising hub for cross-border innovation - 01 Jan

KrAsia: Understanding corporate innovation: Adam Lyle from Padang & Co - 01 Jan

KrAsia: EPIC startups: Early Stage - 01 Jan

ACE x Labbrand Workshop - 12 Sep

Startup 101: Cloud Solutions - 17 Sep

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