Q: Who is eligible for ACE membership?  

A: ACE welcomes all startups incorporated in Singapore to join ACE as a member. For more information, please email memberships@ace.org.sg. 


Q: Why is ACE charging a membership fee now?  

A:  ACE is now charging so that we can curate programmes of better value for our members and continue to serve as the national trade association for startups effectively and sustainably. 


Q: I became an ACE member recently on a complimentary basis. And I just received an email prompting me to pay $150.  Why? 

A: ACE is providing enhanced membership benefits of over $150,000 in total value. Existing ACE members stand to enjoy a preferential, one-off rate of $150 per annum. Standard ACE membership rates apply at $200 per annum henceforth.    


Q: If I do not wish to pay to continue or begin my ACE membership, will I still get to enjoy the benefits? 

A:  ACE will only be extending membership benefits and other perks and opportunities to our members. Non-members are eligible to join some of our events, but higher fees may apply. 


Q: When do I need to renew my membership?  

A: Your ACE membership and benefits are valid for 12 months from the date of payment. You will be reminded to renew your membership one month in advance of your membership expiration. 


Q: Can I opt for multi-year membership?  

A: ACE is currently offering one-year membership package. We may consider other options in the future. 


Q: Will members get to enjoy better rental rates for the ACE facilities at Block 79?  

A: ACE members will receive 2 X Complimentary 1 hr usage of Inspiration or Innovation rooms. They will also receive preferential rates when they book our event rooms.  


Q: What are some of the member exclusive benefits?  

A: ACE members will be invited to closed-door engagements with senior Government leaders and officials, member-only networking events with key ecosystem stakeholders and investors. Members will also be entitled to numerous perks through our membership partners like The Gym Pod, Emerge Performance, Validus and Purple and more. 

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