Japan FinTech Market Insights

Japan FinTech Market Insights

Technological advancement has accelerated business disruption, and FinTech is having a major impact on the world right now. For our second session of OneDotAce, we will explore what the FinTech scene in Japan looks like. Speaking at this session will be Takahisa Ohira, a Member of Finovator, and Tomohiro Tagami, CEO of Techtec and President of the Japan DeFi Association.

Join us to learn more about Japan’s economy and its FinTech scene as well as the growth in embedded finance. Our speakers will also talk about DeFi trends and how credit scoring is changing with blockchain. Bring your questions and pose them to our speakers!

Find out more and register here: https://bit.ly/3gdYdFD

OneDotAce is a series of monthly market insight sessions for startups and companies keen to explore the Japanese market. Co-organised by One&Co, dotD and ACE, OneDotAce hopes to highlight Japan as a potentially attractive market, and support local startups by providing market trends and insights into the Japanese economy.


27 Aug 2021


12.30pm - 1.30pm




ACE, One&Co and dotD