ACE Mentorship provides several programmes for entrepreneurs to obtain feedback from experienced business leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Mentors contribute their time, expertise, advice and network on a pro-bono basis to guide mentees through one of these programmes:


Intensive 8-full days structured mentoring and learning program conducted over 1 month, with 3 mentoring sessions. Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to continue after the 3 sessions to take full advantage of the relationship built during BACECAMP. Learn more about BACECAMP here. 


Ad-Hoc Mentoring
Ad-Hoc Mentorship program for ACE members on request. ACE members sign-up to request for a mentor to be matched and assigned for 3 mentoring sessions.


Mentoring Speed-Dating
The programme takes the format of speed dating rounds, whereby mentors and mentees speak to each other in 15-20min timeslots. At the end of the speed dating rounds, mentors and mentee will be matched to embark on the mentorship for a period of 1 month (4 sessions).




Please ensure you meet the following criteria 

• You are an ACE Member
• You are a startup founder (your company is incorporated for less than 5 years)
• Your startup is a registered business and have a minimum viable product or service
• Willing to commit to attending all mentorship sessions






“Mentorship is bi-directional, not only mentees gaining valuable knowledge but mentors also gaining significant insights from the startup scene. The scene only gets better when mentors and mentees come together to share what works and what not.”.  

Eric Choo
Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, and ACE Mentor

“The opportunity to make a difference in entrepreneurs’ life and play an active role in growing the Singapore startup ecosystem is truly humbling and meaningful.”  

Eric Tan
Managing Director, The Resource Group Pte Ltd, and ACE Mentor

“It’s extremely encouraging to be part of the vibrant stratup environment that we have in Singapore. I’m privileged to be a ‘sounding board’ for these new business owners, sharing my experiences and walking with them through their challenges as they build their business.”  

Jason Tee
ASEAN General Manager, Straumann Group, and ACE Mentor

“A simple nudge in the right direction, an introduction here and there could make all the difference between success or failure.”  

Low Yeow Boon
Chief Executive Officer, Global Sense Capital Pte Ltd, and ACE Mentor

“I’m fascinated by the passion and the drive people develop to bring their ideas to life; the direct impact they can have on their environment and how this can be scaled. There are so many solutions to our problems out there, and they are being developed by the people directly affected by the issues.”  

Nicole Tretwer
Head of Logistics Services APAC, Swarovski and ACE Mentor

“It is always a pleasure to work with young companies. They are full of energy and creativity. I am glad that I could contribute and pay if forward with my expertise and network.”  

Sam Lee
Partner and Co-founder, Paloe and ACE Mentor

“It is my privilege to play an active role in the Singapore Startup Ecosystem. Looking forward to make Startup mentoring a highly sought-after national movement.”  

Teo Teck Loon
VP, Wealth Management PlatformProduct Lead, Credit Suisse AG and ACE Mentor

“I am delighted for this opportunity to pay it forward through mentoring others. In an unforgiving business environment, learning from other people’s past mistakes is key. Mentoring is necessary ethos for all entrepreneurs.”  

Wayne Soo
Managing Partner, Fiducia LLP, and ACE Mentor

“Dear ACE Mentors, mentors provide an important sounding board that empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential. I thank all the mentors for being a part of this network to grow the Singapore Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. Leading innovation hubs strongly believe in tapping on one another’s strengths to bring value and stay competitive as they ‘hunt as a pack’ to conquer global markets together. Likewise, I look forward to build relationships between mentors and mentees as we strive to create impact with the work we do.”  

Wong Hong Ting
Chairman, ACE Mentorship Sub-Committee

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