Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) Info Session

Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) Info Session

Executing a new idea or introducing a new business can sometimes be challenging because you cannot afford your ideal space to trial a prototype, or you simply do not know if you will be violating any regulations. What licenses are required? Which public agency should you reach out to, and which division or who should you contact to address your business queries?

Sign up for this information session on the Ministry of Trade & Industry ’s Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) to find out how the PEP team can help to solve business regulatory issues. You will also learn about the PEP’s First Mover Framework and New Idea Scheme, and how other startups and businesses have benefitted from the PEP’s support.

Mr Seah Liang Chiang, founder of Shipping Container Hotel, will be sharing his experiences working with the PEP team as well as some learning points too!

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The PEP works closely with public agencies to provide timely, effective and practical solutions to address the regulatory concerns that businesses face. More than 2,000 suggestions have been received, with more than 1,100 already influencing changes in rules or regulations!


15 Sep 2021


2pm - 3pm