We help startups at every stage of their business growth – from START, SCALE to SOAR, as well as helping corporate to SCOUT.
At different stages, our programmes are designed to help them maximise their potential so they can succeed.

For programmes under SCALE, it is designed for developing startups to gain further traction in their business.


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ACE Mentorship Programme


The ACE Mentorship Programme provides a platform for entrepreneurs to learn and obtain feedback from experienced business leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Mentors on the programme contribute their time, expertise and advice pro-bono to guide mentees over a 1-month period (4 sessions).


To register, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a startup founder (your company is incorporated for less than 5 years)
  • Your startup is a registered business and have a minimum viable product or service
  • Willing to commit to attending all mentorship sessions


Who are the Mentors?

ACE Mentors are mainly successful entrepreneurs and professionals who volunteer on the programme to give back to the community.


Types of Mentors





Share in-depth knowledge about a specific domain

Common Areas:



Provide guidance in a specific skill

Common Areas:



Assist startups to gain access to new customers, connections and investments etc

What our startups said about the ACE Mentorship Programme

“Through the mentorship sessions, we learnt a lot about website design, SEO, hiring tech, and building our brand. Chin Leng is a great guy and is very willing to help. We would highly recommend the programme to other start-ups!”
– Derek, Konki

Mechanics of the Mentorship Session

The session takes the format of speed dating rounds, whereby mentors and mentees speak to each other in 15-20min timeslots. At the end of the speed dating rounds, you would indicate your preferred mentee and embark on the mentorship for a period of 1 month (4 sessions). Mentors and mentees are highly encouraged to meet for the full period of the mentorship programme.

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