We help startups at every stage of their business growth – from START, SCALE to SOAR, as well as helping corporate to SCOUT.
At different stages, our programmes are designed to help them maximise their potential so they can succeed.

For programmes under START, it is designed for early-stage startups to grow their business beyond ideas.


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StartupSG Talent


The StartupSG Talent pillar highlights schemes that foster a more conducive environment for promising global talent to set up innovative businesses in Singapore, and for startups to attract talent to be part of their team.


As the appointed administrator for the SME Talent Programme (STP) for Startups, we aim to seed early interest in entrepreneurship by helping students gain exposure to the startup community through STP, which will facilitate internship matching between students and technology-based local startups. In addition to internships, the programme will also assist startups in building their human capital development capabilities in identified areas such as recruitment and retention and talent management.

For Startups

For students

70% Subsidy of stipends paid to intern Gain valuable insights into the startup ecosystem
Develop HR Capabilities Learn directly from the founders of the companies

Eligibility & Requirements


  • Have a minimum of 30% local (Singaporean or Singaporean PR) share-holding

  • Incorporated in Singapore

  • Less than 5 years from date of incorporation at time of application

  • Have less than 50% ordinary shares owned by other corporate entity

  • Able to pay interns the minimum monthly stipend* of $800 to ITE and Polytechnic students, and $1000 to University students.

NOTE: With funding of up to 70%, startups under the STP will eventually pay a monthly stipend of $240 to ITE and Polytechnic students, and $300 to University students.


Additional Criteria

  • Possess good HR practices and able to provide good career opportunities

  • Commit to providing a quality internship experience for the student and display commitment towards talent development

  • Commit to continuous improvement in their business processes, HR practices and learning and development.

To further enhance your startup’s HR capabilities to meet the above additional criteria, we highly recommend applicants to participate in the “Introductory HR Course for Startups” by ACE. More information can be found at

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