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Public sector is an important stakeholder in a startup ecosystem, especially in a city-state like Singapore. They have been instrumental in many of the policies and initiatives that have created a vibrant and dynamic startup ecosystem. The Singapore Government has also played a big role in developing infrastructures such as the Launchpad@OneNorth, which is the densest startup ecosystem in the region with over 800 startups and enablers within 8 industrial blocks.


Government agencies continue to play a critical role in growing the ecosystem by providing specialised clusters of startups and networks like IMDA’s PIXEL, PUB’s WaterXchange, and SLA’s Geoworks. IMDA’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP) and IPI’s Innovation Calls are also examples where opportunities for open innovation by the government is provided for startups to grow.


ACE, as the national startup ecosystem builder, works closely and in collaboration with government agencies to provide policy feedback, networking, and open innovation opportunities to our startup community.




  1. Co-organise seminars and events that bring ACE community of startups to the government agency’s network and support.
  2. Carry out innovation challenges in collaboration with the agencies to bring opportunity to our startup community.
  3. Plug-in government agencies into our startup ecosystem to give access to startups, VCs, corporates and IHLs.
  4. Consultation and roundtables with startups for policy feedback.
  5. Startup ecosystem advisory for international governments.



Participation at Housing & Development Board (HDB) Cool Ideas exhibition, Nov 2018.

Through this event, aspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises with ready products or solutions to improve HDB living environment can apply for funding and seek mentorship. Successful applicants can leverage Enterprise Singapore’s business networks to get their business going.

Collaboration on Japanese market entry seminar with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), May 2019. 

It was an insightful session for startups ready to go international. They gained insights on the Fukuoka startup ecosystem landscape and how they can access the Fukuoka market with support from ACE. Startups also learned more about the problem statements presented by Japanese companies who are keen to collaborate with startups for co-innovation projects.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Singapore Cooperation Programme “The Entrepreneurial System: Supporting Start-ups & Communities” conducted for 25 International Government Ecosystem Developers from 20 countries, Dec 2019.

ACE was thrilled to host a dynamic and energetic delegation of 25 government officials from ASEAN, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe the whole of this week. Through the comprehensive programme, they learnt about Singapore’s efforts in developing a sustainable startup ecosystem, the type of community activities worth investing in, and also understanding the roles of different stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Pro-Enterprise Panel conducted in collaboration with Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI), monthly recurring sessions. 

ACE in partnership with the Pro Enterprise Panel – PEP has conducted numerous Pro Enterprise Clinics for Singapore’s tech startup community. The Pro Enterprise Clinics aim to help businesses to reduce costs, streamline processes, facilitate new business models and even encourage innovation in this process where engagement with government agencies to discuss policy and regulation is conducted.

Collaboration on Chinese market entry seminar with Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), Aug 2019.

ACE and SFA co-hosted the Thailand Market Insights session at SFA where the startup communities of ACE and SFA came to learn about why Thailand is a key market for Singapore startups to consider.

…and more!



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