Shopee Code League

Shopee Code League

Over 11,000 coders (as of 5 June 2020) are up for the Shopee Code League. If you have not signed up for Shopee Code League, you are missing out on being part of the largest code-from-home league in the region!

Shopee Code League is happening from 8 June to 1 August and we are calling out to all students and professionals across the region, to compete in a series of coding challenges specially designed by our Shopee tech teams.

Join us as we dive into real world data problems and upskill with our exclusive training workshops. It is free and all you need to do is to form a team of 2-4. And who knows, your team could emerge victorious in the Top 10 and walk away with over SGD20,000 of cash prizes!

Time is ticking! Sign up today at to be a part of the coding event of the year.

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8 Jun - 1 Aug


9:00 am - 10:00 pm