The Straits Times: HSA receives Pro-Enterprise award for expediting entry of Covid-19 vaccines and test kits

The Straits Times

Published: 18 November 2021

Besides helping to enable quick entry and local development of Covid-19 medical devices, HSA also helped to facilitate the supply of essential medicines like Covid-19 vaccines.

Said Dr Mimi Choong, chief executive officer of HSA: “I am immensely proud of my officers’ commitment, dedication and professionalism in developing innovative regulatory initiatives and working closely with our industry stakeholders to secure timely access to critical medicines, vaccines and medical devices for our population during the pandemic.”

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) was one of two recipients of the Pro-Enterprise Disruptor Award, which recognises government agencies that have identified emerging industries with growth potential and implemented initiatives to promote their growth.

The SFA was recognised for its regulatory framework for novel foods, which facilitates innovation by researchers and food producers while ensuring the products are safe. This framework led to Singapore being the first country in the world to approve cultured meat last year.

“SFA introduced the Novel Food Virtual Clinic where novel food companies are able to proactively engage SFA at early stages of their research. This will provide them with a clearer understanding of SFA’s requirements at an early stage, such as submission of information to substantiate the safety of the novel food,” said an SFA spokesman.

By doing so, companies can then prioritise resources towards productive research directions and minimise compliance costs and time, added SFA.

Four private sector partners – including Action Community for Entrepreneurship and NUS Enterprise – were given the Pro-Enterprise Partner award for working closely with the Pro-Enterprise Panel to shape business-friendly rules and regulations in Singapore.

Mr Gan said: “Regulations and processes are put in place to protect us, to ensure high standards of safety and quality. By working together, we can ensure that these regulations are not roadblocks, but checkpoints that we use to ensure that products meet our high standards before we introduce them to our Singapore market and beyond.”


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