Youth Entrepreneurship Festival and NYEA 2018

Imaginative Youth for a Bright Future

Where the youth are imaginative, there is hope for a bright future. The sheer brilliance of ideas and creative products were showcased at the Youth Entrepreneurship Festival, held on 31st October. It was testimony to the potential that youth hold for the future development of Singapore with innovative services and products aimed at solving challenges of businesses, job seekers, consumers and social causes.

Startups like Hatch were marked by a human touch in their approach towards job matching solutions by providing training to youth with potential but lacking in resources or direction. Others like Fairmarch are aiming to provide an online marketplace for social enterprise products. Ekkbaz is attempting to provide an online platform to connect small store owners and businesses. Some of the entrepreneurs like those behind allauring and BitsGreat had touching personal experiences that motivated them to create their products. An environmentally conscious startup – Gush was also at the Festival to showcase an innovative interior paint as well as a few other startups which are providing trainings and workshops specific to startups’ human resource needs. The wide spectrum of  futuristic ideas and the enthusiastic young minds has made the Festival exuberant and a successful platform for networking and for the young entrepreneurs to share their journeys.

Lastly, the evening of the Youth Entrepreneurship Festival was brought to a closure with the Quest Ventures-EDGE National Youth Entrepreneurship Awards (NYEA) 2018 where the achievement and contribution of outstanding youth entrepreneurs were celebrated.

The award winners are:


Post-Secondary Category

Gold – Su Jun Hao

Silver – Lee Cheng Hei    

Bronze – Alif bin Adam 

University Category

Gold – Yu Gao Fei

Silver – Amanda Ho Qin Yi           

Bronze – Eng Qing Hua

Open Category

Gold – Tong Nhat Duong

Silver – Cheong Wei Keat             

Bronze – Jackie Tan Yen

*SCAPE Most Innovative Startup Award

The Startup Buddy


Congratulations to our award winners!

For those who have missed the event, here’s a  #throwback video of an exciting and action-packed day at the Youth Entrepreneurship Festival and NYEA 2018


Article by LaunchPad Journalist, Seerit Sibia | Video by LaunchPad Journalists, Nabilah and Shi Yun | Edited by ACE

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