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Tech consulting startup Perfomatix has created a niche for itself serving fellow startups — and has gone global doing so.

Like many startups, Perfomatix is a success story built on failure. Its three founders had invested much time and resources to develop an e-commerce analytics solution but back in 2013, the Asian e-commerce market was not ready for a real-time analytics solution as the major focus area was still customer acquisition – not customer retention or experience management. They analysed what went wrong and finally figured out their strength (a passion to solve real world problems with technology) and weakness (the lack of domain expertise).

They decided to work with domain experts and startups around the world, helping them as a technology partner. Their dream was to be part of multiple successful startups in the world.

Soon, they realised that there was a huge gap in the skill and number of developers in the startup world. Most startups struggled to hire developers and that was the single biggest factor that delayed their time-to-market. They found that most startups were willing to pay for their expertise in new-generation, open-source technology stacks and uncovered some exciting projects which they wanted to co-develop.

In two years, Perfomatix has worked with more than 100 startups in the US, Singapore and India. Today, it is a 50-member company with offices in three countries, equity in three global startups and a tech mentor in several accelerator programmes.

When Singapore came into the picture for Perfomatix, Sooraj Jayaraman, now Director of Business Development, got involved.

“As a startup ourselves, and having gone through failure once, we want to help other startups succeed,” said Sooraj.

“A startup looking for app development services today basically has two options: to go with a multi-national company or engage a freelancer. The first is often too expensive; the second, too risky and unreliable. We fill that gap in the market,” he added.

Perfomatix offers professional tech development expertise on par with multi-national companies (it uses industry-standard methodology and even has ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management systems) but with the added advantage of affordability, speed and flexibility – which are all essential to startups.

“We can build a MVP (minimum viable product) in four weeks, or turn an idea into a product in 100 days. From our own experience, we know how critical it is to have something to test in the market or to show to investors quickly, to get feedback and refine the product before launching it. But more importantly, we hope to be a long-term partner to our startup clients, to offer them all the services and support they need to succeed.”

To this end, Perfomatix continues to strengthen its capabilities not just in technology, but also in design, marketing and business development. It is also constantly on the lookout for new partners to create an ecosystem that it, and its clients, can benefit from.

“We believe it’s essential for a startup to build the right relationships. As part of the LaunchPad community, we get invitations to many networking events. These are a great way to build relationships within the local startup community so don’t just talk to people you know. Strike up conversations with others and you could be surprised at where it takes you,” advises Sooraj.

He would know – at the LaunchPad Christmas party last year, he did just that and won a new client for Perfomatix!

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