HR Management for Startups – How to overcome your challenges

Working in a startup is an exciting journey. You will be able to take on multiple roles and witness the growth of the business by working alongside with the founders. While this may sound interesting for some, it is still common to see people turning away from startups and choose to work in an MNC which gives better benefits and prestige.

This is a common challenge we see in our startups to attract talents. Startups may also lack resources and HR capabilities within the organisation to manage talents.

For startups, it is important to recognise good HR practices as a key function to business survival and growth. As a startup grows to become a thriving and profitable business enterprise, it is also a critical part of their strategy to address human capital needs by developing human resource capabilities proactively and prepare its leaders to be good people managers.

To help startups overcome their HR challenges and understand the critical role of HR, it is important for startups to keep in mind the followings:

Align human capital plans with corporate priorities
Some of the corporate priorities includes improving profitability of the organisation, delivering quality products and excellent services. Such corporate priorities have to be aligned with the company’s human capital work plans include building a strong employer brand which potential employee will be attracted to. Essentially, who you hire reflects your brand value and you would want your employees to project similar brand values or corporate priorities.

Translating human capital plans to actions
Once you are clear on your human capital plans and corporate priorities, work on the action plan! Set your employment value proposition and reach out to the target group you wish to influence and convert them to become your employees.

Know the Employment Law
It is important that you know the local Employment Act on what it entails, such as the working hours, overtime, rest days. Other acts you may want to familiarise with include the Child Development Co-Savings Act which covers Maternity, Childcare, Shared Parent Care, Paternity Leave and etc. Lastly, have a clear employment contract for good order as any term which is less favourable than those in the law is illegal, null and void. This will save you the trouble to comb through unambiguity when it comes to any disagreement.

Employee Engagement
Good employer and employee relationship and communications are key to your organisation’s success. The strategies include having multiple and open communication channels, address issues promptly, promote a collaborative environment by get everyone to contribute and welcome suggestions, reinforce positive behaviours and give constructive feedback, appreciate openly but criticise privately and lastly, be open-minded.

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